Biggest Cardano Projects Will Make 100x

The Cardano blockchain has some crazy action , with the first set of dapps aiming to launch their products. And that means a few things for Cardano.

Firstly we’re about to see a flood of activity on the blockchain. And that’s usually positive for investors.

Secondly, we’ll be able to compare Cardano more accurately with other projects regarding transactions total value locked and defi activity.

Thirdly it’s just fantastic to see this blockchain finally up and running and being used for trading yield farm lend and more.

In this article, we’ll look at some key projects aiming to launch in q4. Plus, the future outlook for Cardano. And what it means for Ada’s value, including what Charles Hoskinson says about the Basho scaling era.Taking transactions from hundreds to hundreds of thousands per second.

Occam X

Starting with Occam finance and their new decentralized exchange called Occam x. Those of us that follow Cardano will know about something called the concurrency issue.

Essentially because Cardano uses the same accounting system, more or less as Bitcoin called utxo, but with a set of validators that sit on top that allow smart contracts, which Cardano calls extended utxo or e-utxo, it can create an issue where you may not be able actually to trade or swap more than once in each block.

It isn’t great for a decentralized exchange. İn any case, this is something that developers on Cardano will have to understand and develop to create dexs on the blockchain.Occam say they’re confident that their dex is ready to go with receipts, that they have a working solution for this and trade twice at the same time.The transactions indeed occur in the same block in the blockchain, as shown by using the Cardano scan Cardano explorer to verify.Occam is the first working solution to the concurrency issue, and stakes are obviously higher as whichever dexs launches first may become a preferred option.And we see top dexs on other chains like uniswap and pancakeswap valued in the multiple billions of dollars.

Just like those platforms, Occam will have their dex token built natively on the Cardano blockchain, which they’ll call ocx. However, this is a different token than occ, the Occam finance token is already in circulation on Ethereum as an erc20 token.

The only way users can get hold of this token is by using the dexs itself. So you’ll get the token possibly as a reward. But also, through staking some of your ada in Occam’s pocc state pool, rewards will be paid out in those ocx tokens.Occam has also partnered with coti to use the upcoming Djed stablecoin on the new Occam dex. So that investors can trade tokens easily against, you know, basically a us dollar crypto version stablecoin.

I’m sure that usdc and usdt will also make versions of their centralized stablecoins available on Cardano.Because why not so it remains to be seen whether us end users will prefer to use something like usdc or prefer a different type of decentralized stable coin like the djed.


Sundaeswap regularly updates investors as to their plans, and whilst they originally look to launch their dexs in October, this now isn’t going to happen. With no official date still in the pipeline, of course, everyone is excited to start using dapps on Cardano.But considering these dapps are launching for the first time, it’s understandable how they run issues with launch schedules.

Sundaeswapper has told followers on Twitter that their Sundaeswap tokens will launch on their dexs on the first day and their initial staple offering at the exact same time.This means that as soon as the dex officially launches, you’ll be able to use ada tokens to swap for Sundae tokens on the platform or at the same time, you could use your ada to stake in one of Sundaeswaps stake pools and earn rewards in Sundae’s tokens.

So that you can get in early as a Sundaeswap token holder, the latest from Sundaeswap as of making this article is a great leap forward for the dexs, as they say.They are creating a liquidity pool, live on the Cardano blockchain, and sign that transaction with Nami wallet.Every dex requires a pool of two tokens to create a token pair that other people can use to trade.Anyone can create a token pair or add their tokens to a pool to earn fees from traders. So an excellent way to make passive income on tokens you have anyway. However, İt does get a little complex.

It seems like things are getting very close to reality for Sundaeswap, who have their solution for Cardano’s concurrency issues.They say they’ll post when they launch the app and according to the last technical on October 24th.


İt looks like a typical lending protocol like Aave or Compound. But of course, built on Cardano, but there’s a twist. For right now, you can go and use defi to lend out your crypto or use your crypto as collateral to borrow against. But you can only borrow crypto on defi.

So a typical example would be using wrapped Bitcoin to borrow usdc on something like Aave. Centralized lending platforms offer you the chance to deposit Bitcoin and borrow fiat currency to use in your daily life or for anything you want.But they require you to give up custody of your Bitcoin and send it over to their centralized wallets.

Meld is aiming to take this a step further and use Cardano and a dao or a decentralized autonomous organization to let people and passive income on fiat currency or borrow fiat currency but keep their crypto assets on the blockchain as well where they don’t have to give up that custody to a centralized counterparty.

They’ll do this through smart contracts on Cardano that will link to bank accounts in Switzerland. I’m not sure if they’ll only have bank accounts there, but that’s what I read in the docs.All crypto assets are held in the dow, which can’t be controlled by anyone in particular except for these smart contracts as they’re made.Depositors can be sure their collateral is held in a decentralized fund, and this means they don’t have to send it to a centralized platform, and their wallets will always have control.

Smart contracts will interact with the Meld app to automate fiat currency loans and pay yields to anyone who sends fiat currency those Swiss bank accounts. It’s complicated but essentially unlike a centralized lending platform like blockfi or celsius that requires you to send your tokens to them to hold. The Meld app will put the tokens in a decentralized fund instead.

And automate everything with smart contracts meaning those who don’t want to give up their crypto to a centralized fund may use the app.Of course, if you want to lend or borrow fiat currency, you will need a bank. There’s no way around this, but it looks like it will be a Swiss bank, so kind of the best of a bad situation, I guess.The way users can place collateral on the system is through wrapped assets like Bitcoin Ethereum and Cardano, which will be called M assets with the M at the start and then the real assets ticker after that.And yields are paid out through the Meld dapp plus extra rewards in the form of Meld tokens. All of this is coming right now in q4 but mostly next year in q1 and onwards.


There is just so much happening on the Cardano blockchain right now and in crypto in general. Spacebud was probably one of my favourite projects on Cardano, as the designs were just pretty cool and fun.Little did I know that a few weeks later, Spacebuds would close its first 1 million trade.

Yes, this jpeg costs a million dollars or about 510 000 ada.According to cNFT analytics, NFT trading on Cardano is exploding, as you can see by the trading volume right here. And we can see that we’re up to around a million ada per day traded.

This is still very, very low compared to NFT trading volume on Ethereum and opensea. But the Cardano community is strong, and NFTs are seeing huge growth, and new projects are launching every day.Recently the top projects on Cardano have been added to with new drops like claymates fort gotten and the yummy universe all pretty cool, in my opinion, and the top of the leaderboard in terms of sales over the last few weeks.