Acardex Plans To Create The Largest DeFi Ecosystem On Cardano

Acardex, an AMM-based non-custodial decentralized exchange ecosystem, is preparing its launch on the Cardano network.

Acardex is notably the only decentralized community ecosystem to provide both DEX and NFT marketplace on the Cardano blockchain. Acardex will become a unique DeFi on the Cardano Network when fully launched. Acardex wants to offer DeFi services such as Initial DEX Offering (IDO) launchpad, borrowing, and lending protocol, NFT marketplace, and more. The platform plans to utilize the automated market maker protocol to carry out its primary purpose of allowing Cardano-based native tokens and seamless swap of native and non-native tokens. 

The platform is creating an ecosystem that allows users to participate in a permissionless and non-custodial swap of digital assets trade. Through the platform, users will be able also to act as liquidity providers while earning commissions on every trade. 

Commenting on the project, the Acardex team explains:

“We offer solutions to major problems faced by the Decentralized Exchanges. With our team’s laid down plans, we are sure to add some value to the DEX space while ensuring that our users are rewarded with mouth-watering incentives as they use our services.”

Acardex operates under three main values: decentralization, sustainability, and financial inclusion. Acardex has many unique features: anonymity, reduced counterparty risks, native tokens availability, and lower security risks. While using the platform, users will not need to pass the current traditional identification procedures such as KYC. The platform will provide numerous tokens, including all native tokens on Cardano. In addition, Acardex is a user-friendly platform that ensures fast transactions at a meager fee. Note users who use Acardex’s native token will not incur any fees for their transactions.

At the back of the operations is the Acardex native token $ACK, which has 1,000,000 ACX. The token will be used to trade ADA for another Cardano Native token. Holders will also have the power to cast votes and participate in other governance processes. The ACK token will be used for payments like Swap and slippage fees. Notably, early adopters will get exclusive access to NFT drops, listing their NFTs, setting prices, and selling of assets on the martlet place.

Currently, Acardex is holding a seed sale with 15% of the total supply up for grabs. The platform has set each token to sell at 0.00125 ADA for the event. The minimum buy has been set at 300 ADA, while the maximum buy is 30,000 ADA.

source : zycrypto.com